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A cozy place where amazing energy is flowing. Mirela, the yoga teacher is extremely helpful, patient and her knowledge is beyond just yoga. I really enjoy my yoga classes and I highly recommend Aum Yoga Studio :)

~Petre Dragonescu, Toronto 

Outstanding Instructor! 

Mirela is beautiful, both inside and out. Not only is she is a fabulous yoga instructor, she has so much knowledge and understanding of the practice and philosophy of yoga. I am so grateful that she shared so much of this with me in order to deepen my understanding of yoga physically, mentally, and spiritually. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mirela!!!!

~Amanda Fortner, Barrie

Inspirational, Knowledgeable and Friendly Instructor, Mirela creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all participants and all levels. I truly enjoy her classes and feel relaxed and refreshed after. :)

~Christina De Francesco, Vaughan 

Amazing experience and instructor.

Aum yoga is an amazing facility. Mirela is not only passionate, professional but she also ensures that her students get the most from the class. She is driven and amazing. I highly recommend Aum Yoga teacher training. Loved it!!!

~Matilda Margousian, Toronto

Traditional yoga for yogis

I thoroughly enjoy MIrela's yoga classes. She is passionate, educated and enthusiastic to practice and teach the discipline of yoga in the traditional way. We need more instructors like her. Thank you. Donata

~Donata Sforza, Vaughan 

When it comes to learning how to teach and practice yoga, Mirela Nanu of Aum Yoga Studio is the person to learn from. She's skillful, humble, passionate and patient, teaching from her own personal experience and enthusiastic to pass on her wealth of yoga knowledge. In just a few short weeks, I learned yoga techniques and cuing strategies that I'll be able to use in teaching yoga as well as in improving my own yoga practice. It was a great course. I highly recommend it.
~Emma Ferracane, Woodbridge

I am forever grateful for this experience that came to me in a miraculous way. I went in with an open hearth not knowing what to expect, when I finished I was feeling full of Love, Peace, Wisdom. My teacher Mirela inspired me with her devotion and wisdom as well as other students with what they shared. An Experience that truly changed my life, the way I perceive thinks.
~Ioana Artene, Toronto

Very professional, great experience.

~Livia Litvin, Toronto

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