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Flexibility and Meditation:

Coupled with stretching, flexibility and strength exercises, this class also focuses on mediation and endurance.

Multi-Level ZOOM Yoga:
This Saturday Yoga class is 60 minutes of pure Yoga. Aum Yoga will help you to reconnect to your true self

Yoga Fusion Belly Dance:
Yoga practice was designed for belly-dancers, but could be useful for anyone. This class is an active fusion of the 2 best art forms, strenghtening your core, legs and joints while having a blast shimmying. 

Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Program is a comprehensive, foundational yoga teacher certification program for aspiring teachers and serious students looking to further their practice.

Nadine Pilsmaker

Justin Nanu

Sara Nina Clemenzi

Natalie Mandarino

Pratisha Jamnadas

Congratulations to our recent Yoga Graduates:

Aum Yoga wishes you all the best experiences in your journeys! 

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